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 Kesa Rogana is a unique ayurvedic formulation to control the hair fall and induce the growth of the hair. It's a combination of 18 herbs such as  Bringraj, Amla, Bramhi, Shikakai, Bouchi, Priyangu, Gulab patti, Chhadilla, Kamal Kesar, Wala, Kapoorkachili, Jatamasi, Muleri, Henna, Nagermotha, Jasmine oil, Lavender oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil. Each herb has its own value in the making of hair oil giving highly result oriented ayurvedic hair oil. We call this product as 100% Vedic because most formulations in hair oil which has claim for growing hair are intended to use some artificial elements, way by herbs get disintegrated from base oil after a period of time. But in kesa rogna herbs are integral part of the oil and do not disintegrate any time. The process of making this unique hair oil is, base oil is boiled at temperature in pressure vessel, and add the herbal extracts into that, keeping it for some time after cooling, followed by the  filtering process 3 times to reduce the density of the hair oil, so that, it gets into the hair root. Regular usage of this hair oil can control dandruff, scaling, rashes and hair fall, induce additional growth, and keep the scalp always clean and cool. Kesa Rogna can be used by any age groups even children.

How to use

Take 5 ml to 10ml kesa rogana, apply it on the scalp and gently massage on for 5 minutes to reach the oil to hair roots. Keep it at least for 2 hours.

100 m l Rs- 300/-
200 ml Rs- 550/-
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